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Fundraising: Learning the Language

Fundraising: Learning the Language

The goodness of others fuels nonprofit organizations. This is true whether they are volunteering time or donating hard earned money. Either way, people donate to an organization be a part of what helps it flourish and ultimately meet their goals. Asking for money from donors can be a difficult task for nonprofit organizations because they may not understand fully, how to go about it.

In dealing with fundraising goals for your organization, one of the most important aspects of doing so is learning the language. Speaking to your potential donors is not just about explaining your mission and the wonderful things you plan on doing within your organization, it is about appealing to your audience and making them understand why they should donate.

A mistake that is often made by nonprofits is the fact that they will tell their donors why they are excited about their future endeavors and what they want to accomplish and bring to the community. Of course, as an organization, you want to let people know what good work you are doing and plan to do, but donors have one question for nonprofits, “why should we give?”

In understanding how to appeal to your donors, you must first think like a donor. Identify a solid reason as to why they should give their hard earned money to your cause. This is often times a  roadblock in which many organizations get stuck. First, put yourself into the mind of your donor audience. You will then be able to paint a picture for your audience to show the needs of your organization and inspire excitement to give.

Maybe your organization isn’t exactly where it needs to be, because you need donations to get there. When you speak to your cause, make it so your donors will need to be apart of the future of your organization. It is not enough to say you will be providing great services or that you plan to bring about great education. Donors need to understand how you will change the world and shape society. Explain to them the life-changing aspects of your mission and how you can change the world together through their gifts.

Learning the language of fundraising can be simple once you look at it from a donor’s perspective. Donors want to feel needed and that with their help, your organization will do great things. This is ultimately true because donors are the foundation of nonprofits all over the world and need their support to succeed.

Updating Your Online Fundraising Strategy

Updating Your Online Fundraising Strategy

The digital age brings about different online trends for organizations to utilize. Because so many people are online nowadays, it’s essential for nonprofits to begin revamping their online fundraising strategy. One of the most significant aspects with online fundraising is the convenience of being able to donate online, which can also cause a substantial increase in donations because it’s done at the touch of your fingertips.

In order to stay with the times, organizations should begin to utilize some of these strategies to amp up their online presence. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top sites that will help increase your visibility, support donor to organization connection, work with your organization’s social profiles to make it easier to partner with others, and allow donors to participate and give.

Classy is an online platform that works with nonprofit leaders to assist in the development and management of your fundraising. This includes being able to take donations online, peer-to-peer fundraising, as well as creating fundraising events within your organization. The Classy site is geared more towards the nonprofit organization side rather than donors. It offers many tools to improve your online fundraising strategy which, in turn, increases donations.

This site allows organizations to utilize their tools in creating branded pages for donations, which includes mobile sites and capabilities as well as allowing their donors the ability to give through texts. Donors can use these sites to not only make their donations but also set up recurring payments and sign up for any potential events created by the organizations. On top of the branded donation page, nonprofits can also acquire donor reports from the site.

JustGive is another excellent site that many nonprofits utilize because of its tools and ease of use. This site gives access to donors so they can look up any potential charity they want to donate to. Nonprofits can register their organizations through Guidestar to make an organization page which will then generate a “donate” button that they can add directly to their website. The site also offers the ability to download reports from donors in many different file options.

Because of the large number of nonprofits all over the globe and increase of online fundraising, it’s no wonder there are so many options for organizations to choose from. Each offers different aspects depending on your organizations budget and needs for online strategy.

The Business of Fundraising

Matt Kupec has enjoyed a career as one of the most prolific fundraisers in U.S. history.  In his 30+ years leading fundraising programs at places like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Hofstra University, HelpMeSee, Inc., and the Moffitt Cancer Center, Matt has helped these organizations raise nearly $5 billion.

About Matt Kupec

$410.02 billion was given to the 1 million+ charities that exist in the United States in 2017, crossing the $400 billion mark for the first time ever.  As these organizations compete for these critical dollars to fulfill their important missions, fundraising is getting more important and competitive than ever.  Fundraising has become a big business.

Matt Kupec has enjoyed a career as one of the most prolific fundraisers in U.S. history.  In his 30+ years leading fundraising programs at places like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Hofstra University, HelpMeSee, Inc., and the Moffitt Cancer Center, Matt has helped these organizations raise nearly $5 billion.  Very few fundraisers can claim the same success.

In his tenure, Matt has been in involved in all facets of fundraising – campaigns, annual giving, planned giving, major and principal gift giving, corporate and foundation giving, patient giving, faculty and staff giving, parents giving, community outreach programs, stewardship, gift processing, talent management, etc., and has an expertise that gives him an incredible insight into the world of philanthropy.

Matt Kupec has worked with boards, leadership teams, volunteer committees, community groups, consultants, to develop fundraising programs and strategies that produce results. As a result, he has a total grasp of the inner workings of a successful fundraising operation.

In this website, Matt will share his experience and expertise on those issues that of importance to fundraisers across this country.  Whether it’s starting up an organization and taking a best-in class development shop, this website will provide insights experienced by one of the most successful fundraisers in this country’s history.

Joining Matt Kupec to offer advice will be a series of guest “expert” columnists to offer their advice and counsel to the challenges that fundraisers face into today’s competitive environment as we explore the “business of fundraising.”