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Fundraising is always a great way of helping finance non-profit organizations. A successful fundraising process should be well planned and appropriately executed. One way to ensure a high success rate of charitable fundraising is personalizing the entire campaign. Making fundraising more personal is beneficial as it adds a personal touch and appeal to potential donors. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to create a successful personalized fundraising campaign.

When sending out emails containing updates, newsletters, and appeals for charitable contributions to individuals, it is important to incorporate a personalized touch to the email. An example would be to start with a salutation containing the recipient’s name. This added layer of personalization helps appeal to the recipient while making him or her feel highly recognized and as part of the entire project. Research has shown that personalized emails have a greater chance of positive response towards giving.

Social media
Social media is a great tool to help connect with more members of the public. A non-profit organization may want to utilize social media to connect with persons who have previously contributed. This can be done by pursuing their social media accounts using emails, phone numbers, or names. Adding people to non-profit organizations’ social media pages helps to channel relevant charity-based updates. This also gives the organization an opportunity to get in touch at a personal level with the contributor.

Personalized contacting
The concept of personalization of nonprofit fundraising can be brought up a notch by getting in touch with previous donors and potential donors. You can achieve this by calling these individuals via their phone numbers for valuable updates or appeals. Contact can also be extended to messaging where valuable information can be channeled at a personalized level.

Such personalization can be enforced by addressing the individual by their names or considering the giving history of the recipient. Personalized contact can also be effectively applied by sending postal letters with valuable updates and other relevant printed material.

Segmentation of donors
Segmentation helps allow non-profit organizations to personalize the approach they use to attract the attention of potential givers. Such segmentation can be done by categorizing givers depending on their giving habits such as the time of the year or month when they give, how much contribution they make, and through which platform of funds transfer they use. Segmentation can help the non-profit organization send the relevant information to the donors and at the right time.

In order to successfully implement a personalized fundraising campaign, it’s essential to apply these tactics to your strategy. With simple means of personalization, your potential donors feel they are valuable to the growth and of your organization.