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Digital fundraising has become more and more important as our world has reached the depths of so much impersonal communication. This consists heavily of emails, social media ads, and websites. But in fact, many experts within the digital fundraising world are seeing that these types of digital communications work best with potential donors, especially making it easy for them to donate their funds.

One of the most significant ways to utilize digital fundraising in your efforts is by creating an effective strategy. If you are just starting to put together your fundraising strategy, there are a few things to take into consideration to ensure it runs smoothly and you can get the most bang for your buck if you invest in social ads and website designs.

The first step to creating a better digital strategy is by taking a look at the foundation of your digital presence, your website. Your website is one of the first places your potential donors will visit to see what your non-profit organization is all about. If you have a website that is very slow in loading pages, forms, or photos, you could risk losing a donor. People like the convenience of doing everything online, so this is key.

Optimizing that website so that it runs smoothly will better your chances of having people frequent your site and want to give. This is also where you will be linking all social media ads in order for people to learn more about the organization and fundraising efforts. Another aspect to take into consideration is how often you post to social media and send out information through email. While there is no set number of how often you should post, it essential to keep an eye on analytics to see if engagements go up or down the more you post. This will help to decide on the number for your designated audience.

In the frequency of your postings, remember to create quality content that your potential donors want to pay attention to. If you aren’t sending out information they care about or have any interest in, they will slowly start to ignore and altogether stop following or subscribing to social media and email lists. This has the possibility to hurt the growth of your organization and limit the number of dollars coming in for your fundraising goals.

Take into consideration these few strategies to rev up your fundraising for the coming year. These simple points could either deter or attract potential donors, getting you that much closer to reaching your digital fundraising goals.